PRESENTING The Brothers Grimm: Out of Order

On January 10th, the Artistic Moment's Theatre Geeks will be performing an upbeat, one-act comedy that brings the Grimm Brothers to a modern day high school theatre department. 

Performances will be held at New Horizon Theatre in downtown West Point, GA at 2pm and at 7pm. 
Tickets are General Admission and only $5 each. 

Don't miss The Brothers Grimm: Out of Order, written by Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus!

Brothers Jake and Will Grimm battle over a script for their high school theatre department, with Jake inserting blood and strife among Will's fluffy bunnies and happy endings.
The result is a mix-up of your favorite fairy tales, thrown together in a rush performance to save their theatre department from a take-over by the football team. Sit back and enjoy the chaos as Prince Charming rescues Rapunzel, who ends up falling in love with Hansel, following his escape from the evil witch Cinderella. Even Jorinda and Joringel join the show, but crash Cinderella's story when no one remembers their fairy tale. When the principal arrives to see the show, the six minute and twelve second performance is nothing short of hysterical.